Posted by: KENASVIT | May 4, 2011

Equity Bank Makes Additional Sh 30b Available to MSEs

On April  28th, 2011, Equity Bank announced the launch of their Financial Literacy Programme, which aims to provide financial education to 620,000 youth and women over the next three years. As part of the programme, Equity has pledged to lend out Sh 30 billion in loans to graduates of the training. These loans will be in line  with those offered by Equity through the government’s MSE Fund, and will also be offered at low interest rates. Additionally, Equity Bank will be expanding their coverage across Kenya by licensing establishments to act as Equity agents. These measures have been introduced to promote financial inclusion of unbanked Kenyans, many of whom work in the informal sector.

For more information, please read the two following articles: Equity Propels Small Traders with Sh 30 b and Battle for Unbanked Hots Up as Equity Unveils Agency Business. If you are interested in learning how to enroll in the Financial Literacy Programme, and whether or not you are eligible to receive a business loan, please visit your local Equity Bank branch.


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