Posted by: KENASVIT | June 9, 2011

Nakuru Establishes New Local Urban Committee

Nakuru Urban ForumYesterday (8 June) was the second annual Nakuru Urban Forum: Positioning Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the Urban Agenda. It was a very fruitful discussion to share information and experiences within the key sectors that CSOs focus on here in Nakuru, including health, security, education, and environment. The forum was run by ECOTACT under the Civil Society Urban Development Program (CSUDP) in partnership with SIDA. In addition to capacity building and information sharing, ECOTACT presented the results of its mapping exercise under CSUDP, which is a database that documents, classifies and locates CSOs in Nakuru to facilitate inter-organization communication. The forum resulted in the establishment of a new Local Urban Committee, which will act as civil society’s platform to engage with relevant authorities on issues relating to urban development and planning in Nakuru. Simon Sangale Nasieku, KENASVIT’s National Coordinator, was named the Chairman of the Forum.


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