Posted by: KENASVIT | July 4, 2011

KENASVIT is looking for a new fall intern!

The intern will work with the National Coordinator at KENASVIT’s national office, located in Nakuru Town, Kenya. KENASVIT is a young organization and many of its current activities are related to capacity building of the organization: improvement of social dialogue, program design and implementation, coordination and strategic planning of local and national activities. The intern will be assigned various tasks related to these overall development efforts of the organization, as well as tasks in several key areas:

• Program implementation and follow-up: KENASVIT is in the process of designing a paralegal certification program. This will involve training KENASVIT’s urban alliance management in paralegal issues in order to empower them to give legal advice to general members on issues of harassment, bribery, arbitrary arrest and other rights violations. The intern will be responsible for implementing this project and ensuring its sustainability. The intern may also be tasked with monitoring and evaluating KENASVIT’s other activities at the national and local levels.

• Communication and grant writing: KENASVIT operates on donor funding, and therefore communication and liaising with current donors, as well as potential donors is key. The intern may be responsible for carrying out assessments, compiling financial reports and other related tasks. Intra- and inter-organization networking and communication is also important.

• Representation: The intern will represent KENASVIT in designated forums, conferences and meetings in Nakuru and elsewhere in Kenya. He or she will also conduct field visits to the urban affiliates, so as to become familiar with their work and to monitor the progress of local activities.

• Research: The intern may have the opportunity to pursue research related to KENASVIT’s members, in order to expand the organization’s data and knowledge base.

Through an internship at KENASVIT, the intern will have the opportunity to develop and make use of administrative, organizational and analytical skills, and subsequently gain a practical insight and experience in the field of civil society development in Kenya.


• Candidates must hold a BA as a minimum requirement, in a relevant academic field: political/social science, international development studies, anthropology, development economics/business studies or other relevant fields of study.
• Good communication skills and strong analytical skills.
• Possess the ability to work independently and apply creative and innovative thinking to practical solutions.
• A profound interest in development issues, especially grass roots organisation and the informal economy.
• Grant-writing skills are strongly recommended. Experience with NGO operation and management is an advantage.
• Fluency in written and spoken English. Knowledge of Kiswahili is an advantage but not a requirement.

Ideally, the internship will run from September 2011 to December 2011, although KENASVIT can accommodate differences in dates or duration. When applying, please state your desired start date and duration. Due to KENASVIT’s status as a young, donor-funded organization, regrettably, we are not able to offer any economic support during the internship. Interns should also be aware that work-related travel and accommodation in Kenya cannot be reimbursed.

Applications and relevant questions regarding the internship should be submitted to Maja Cerar ( Applications consisting of a CV and cover letter must be received by July 25, 2011. We look forward to receiving your application.


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